Better Living Through Chemistry

So I went to my dermatologist for some patch assessments. The consequences discovered that I turned into allergic to p-tert-butylphenol formaldehyde resin and mercapto blend. I had no concept what these unusual chemical have been. But after some studies, I understood that the formaldehyde resin turned into an ingredient in plastic. This supported the suspicion I had that my toothbrush become inflicting my allergy. Fortunately, switching to a wood toothbrush quickly relieved me of my ruddy splotches.

With that difficulty addressed, I desired to realize more approximately the opposite allergen: the mercapto blend. When I observed that it and the formaldehyde resin had been components in the manufacture of rubber and glue, I picked up the telephone to call my dad.

My father have been a chemist. Early in his profession, he developed an adhesive, which he manufactured and offered thru his personal employer. My dad’s interest in chemistry began during the center of the final century, when people believed in “better living through chemistry.” The phrase, a version of a DuPont slogan, promoted the concept that chemistry should enhance nearly all components of our lives. This self-serving catchphrase turned into instrumental in getting clients to shy away from a nature-primarily based way of life and towards buying newfangled merchandise made with synthetic ingredients.

“Dad, you ever heard of mercapto mix?” I queried.

“Sure! I used it in making my glue,” he cheerily answered, happy to have a prepared solution.
“What about p-tert-butylphenol formaldehyde resin?” I ventured, stumbling over the call.

“Yes, I used that one, too, in my glue. Why do you ask?” my father wondered.

As I advised him approximately my new allergies, I changed into struck via the connection among Dad’s use of sure chemicals and my subsequent allergic reaction to them several a long time later. I suspected this wasn’t a trifling coincidence.

I turned into hesitant to discuss this speculation with Dad due to the fact I did not suppose he’d share my attitude. So I saved my nascent theory to myself to save it from being drowned out by his evidently essential and clinical mind.